TCTV Ultimate Bundle
TCTV Ultimate Bundle
TCTV Ultimate Bundle
TCTV Ultimate Bundle
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TCTV Ultimate Bundle

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Welcome to TCTV: Your Gateway to Real Estate Mastery with Tony 'The Closer' Robinson

Unlock Your Financial Potential with TCTV & RONAPROOF REAL ESTATE COURSE

TCTV is not just a TV app; it's a revolutionary platform created by Tony 'The Closer', a renowned real estate expert. Dive into the world of real estate investment and gain invaluable insights from industry leaders and celebrity guests.

Exclusive Course Outline:

  1. Finding Leads Using Propstream: Master the art of building your list, selecting your market, and locating cash buyers.
  2. Contacting Sellers: Access our efficient tools and templates for direct communication with sellers.
  3. SMS Blast & Cold Calling Techniques: Learn effective communication strategies for consistent seller engagement.
  4. Making Offers & Calculating Numbers: Gain expertise in offer presentation and financial assessment.
  5. Contract Crafting: Utilize Tony's proven templates and training for effective contract creation.
  6. Navigating Escrow & Title Companies: Learn organizational strategies for smooth title company interactions.
  7. Discovering Cash Buyers: Uncover Tony's exclusive methods for finding and engaging cash buyers.
  8. Assignment Contract Skills: Employ Tony's assignment contract tactics for successful cash buyer transactions.
  9. Closing Process Navigation: Master the closing process with industry best practices.
  10. Securing Your Earnings: Reap the rewards of your hard work and dedication.

Members-Only Channels & Exclusive Access:

  • RonaProof Virtual Wholesaling Facebook Group: Join our unique community for additional training and resources.
  • RonaProof Profits Group: Access insider deals and enhanced communication channels.

Extensive Training Resources:

  • Live Training Replays with Tony: Delve into Tony's strategies and market insights with a comprehensive replay vault.
  • The Closer's Proven Wholesale System: A comprehensive guide to launching and growing your real estate wholesale business.
  • Wholesaling Mastery with ChatGPT-4: Revolutionary strategies for 2023, blending traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technology.

Special Bonuses:

  • 21 Proven Secrets eBook
  • Ronaproof eBook
  • Ronaproof Master Course
  • The Closer's Credit Secrets

Exclusive Holiday Offer:

Original Price: $1,997. Today's Price: $29/month. Secure lifetime access to TCTV for just $29.99/month during our holiday sale. This includes:

  • Get Yo Ass Up Show: Uncut interviews with Tony.
  • It's Our Love Series: Tony & Nichole Lynel's love story.
  • Drop Web Series: The latest hot TV series.
  • Exclusive Real Estate and Credit Trainings

Stream on Roku, Firestick, Android, iPhone, Apple TV, or laptop.

Join Now and Transform Your Real Estate Journey with TCTV!

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