Boniface Ogunti Under Fire: Allegations of Fraud from Investors in Automated Ecom Stores Scheme

Boniface Ogunti Under Fire: Allegations of Fraud from Investors in Automated Ecom Stores Scheme

The world of e-commerce is constantly evolving, offering opportunities and, at times, significant challenges. Recently, a storm has been brewing around Boniface Ogunti, a well-known social media influencer in the e-commerce sphere. Ogunti, who promised to set up automated e-commerce stores for investors, is now facing serious allegations of fraud.

The Allegations:
A group of over 100 investors, each of whom paid $10,000 to Ogunti, have come forward with accusations of fraud. These investors were promised individualized, automated e-commerce stores, supposedly a gateway to significant online retail success. However, the reality seems to have fallen short of these expectations.

Identical Accounts – A Red Flag:
One of the most striking aspects of this case is the alleged discovery that all the investors’ accounts are identical. This revelation raises serious concerns about the legitimacy of Ogunti’s services. Instead of receiving unique, tailored e-commerce platforms, these investors appear to have received cookie-cutter replicas.

Investor Discontent:
The investors, understandably, are upset. They claim that the services rendered are not what was promised, and the identical nature of the accounts suggests a lack of the personalized approach that was initially advertised. The situation has escalated to the point where legal action is being considered by some of the aggrieved parties.

A Cautionary Tale:
This situation serves as a cautionary tale about the risks involved in digital entrepreneurship, especially when dealing with promises of automated success. It underscores the importance of due diligence and the need to be cautious when investing in online business ventures, particularly those that promise quick and substantial returns.

What’s Next for Ogunti?
As for Boniface Ogunti, the response to these allegations will be crucial. The e-commerce community is watching closely, waiting to see how he addresses these claims. This scenario is a critical reminder of the responsibility that influencers and mentors in the digital space have to their followers and clients.

Your Thoughts:
What are your views on this development? Have you had experiences with automated e-commerce platforms? Feel free to share your insights and stories. It’s through these discussions that we can all learn and navigate the complex world of online business more effectively.

Stay tuned for updates as this story unfolds.


Tony “The Closer” Robinson 

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  • 2024 will be his reckoning. He will lose millions

    FU Boniface
  • Assuming based on someone saying, “I got scammed,” is not a wise conclusion. I’ve been approached by Boniface before but never did buy his 10k course because something was off for me. Let’s see where this leads.

  • Brother Tony you are the truth. I almost hook up wit jay and you brought it to light. Him-500 this cat is now weighing in at 130 pounds. Stress . Tony keep rocking


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