The Unraveling of a Real Estate Dream: Janay White and the Allegations of Fraud

The Unraveling of a Real Estate Dream: Janay White and the Allegations of Fraud


In the ever-evolving world of real estate and entrepreneurship, the line between ambition and integrity can sometimes blur. A striking example of this is the ongoing saga of Janay White, a prominent Jacksonville entrepreneur and influencer. White, known for her rise from challenging circumstances to owning multiple businesses, including 50 Airbnbs, now faces serious accusations of fraud and mismanagement.

The Heart of the Allegations

The core of the controversy revolves around White’s handling of investments in Airbnb and real estate properties. Investors have come forward alleging that they poured thousands of dollars into what they believed were lucrative opportunities. However, they claim that these investments were mishandled, leading to a series of eviction lawsuits against White’s company, LLC Luigi’s Concrete & More.

One notable case is that of investor Buddy Wilson, who invested $56,000 for eight Airbnb properties. Wilson and others were reportedly given misleading profit and loss statements while the rent for these properties went unpaid. This situation has led to an outcry from investors, many of whom have joined a Facebook group titled “J White Ponzi Scheme/NATIONWIDE SCAMMING,” which has grown to over 13,000 members.

Further Legal Troubles

Adding to White’s woes, individual investors like Rayvon Griffin have filed lawsuits claiming significant losses. Griffin alleges a loss of more than $10,000, accusing White of failing to deliver on promised real estate deals. These claims paint a troubling picture of White’s business practices and have led to a growing number of investors suing for fraud.

White’s Defense

In response to these allegations, Janay White has consistently denied any fraudulent activity. She argues that these are examples of business deals not panning out as hoped and maintains that investment always carries risk. White has urged the public to consider her past contributions to the community and not to let these allegations overshadow her achievements.

The Community’s Response

The community’s reaction has been encapsulated in hashtags like #RealEstateRico and #NoRefundsNoPeace, highlighting the collective frustration and demand for justice from those who feel wronged. These digital protests underscore the need for accountability and ethical business practices in the real estate sector.


The case against Janay White remains a developing story, one that underscores the complexities of real estate investment and the importance of ethical business conduct. For those who believe they have been affected by this case, it’s vital to take action. Contact Stephanie Arnold at to report your experience. As the legal process unfolds, the hashtags #RealEstateRico and #NoRefundsNoPeace continue to give voice to those calling for transparency and fairness in the industry.
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